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Grief Therapy Dog

Murphy, Grief Therapy Dog

Murphy, also sometimes called Murph, Smurph, and Baby Murph is a year and half old Goldendoodle, currently employed  as a Therapy Dog/ Grief Counselor at Goldfinch Funeral Home, Hillcrest Cemetery, and Loyal Companions Pet Cremation. 

How did he get here?

How did he get here?

This is his journey...

Murphy was born on July 19th, 2012 in Inman, South Carolina.  At six weeks old Meghan G. Hayden and her husband, Seth, picked Murphy out of a little of adorable cream colored puppies and brought him to Conway where he has been going to work with with Meghan at Hillcrest Cemetery ever since.  Immediately Meghan, her family, and the employees in the Hillcrest Cemetery and Goldfinch Funeral Home offices fell in love with Murphy and agreed that he was a loveable and comforting addition to the business.

Becoming a Canine Angel…

On February 28th, 2014, Murphy began his formal Therapy Dog Certification training with Rick Kaplan of Canine Angels.  Rick and the Canine Angels Team rescues dogs and trains them to be service dogs for disabled American veterans. They also train the pets of individuals. Murphy went to live with Rick and his "pack" of fifteen other dogs for ten days and returned back to work a Certified Therapy Dog.

Where Are We Now?

Now that Murphy is officially certified as a Therapy Dog/ Grief Counselor through Canine Angels, our journey has just begun.  We are looking forward to sharing Murphy with the community and those families that we serve.  We encourage and invite you to follow Murphy on Facebook and stay up to date with the different opportunities you'll have to meet this very special dog. 

Though we believe he can bring great comfort to all ages, Murphy is especially kind and gentle with children and the elderly.  Upon request, Murphy will now be able to appear at several different types of venues including arrangement conferences, visitations, funeral services, retirement homes, nursing home, schools, and many more.  Please contact us if you are interesting in meeting Murphy or just stop by at one of our locations. 

While Goldfinch Funeral Home is a pet friendly environment, we do ask all families their preference and abide by their wishes as to their desire to meet Murphy.

• Murphy can be contacted by email at [email protected]

• You can find Murphy on facebook at